Uzbekistan letter of invitation (LOI)

Besides staying in our Grand Art hotel we offer Uzbek Letter of Invitation (LOI). Many nationalities are required to have it for their Uzbek Visa application in the embassy.

Price for LOI for most countries is 50$ (USD) + you should book at least 1 night in our Hotel.

Below is a list of information that we need to receive from you:

1. Scan of your passport

2. Letter from work

3. Home address

4. Telephone number

5. Marital status

6. Dates when you want to enter and exit Uzbekistan

7. Place where you want your visa to be issued

8. Payment

9. Dates of your previous visit (if applicable)

10. Name of tourist agency who issued your previous LOI (if applicable)

11. Air Ticket reservation if you want your visa to be issued at the airport of Tashkent